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The Apex Adjacent Podcast - Episode 1: Take Three!

Hello. Yes, this is the third version of our first podcast. When you run a show for over 4 years and then decide to change your name, you kind of want to give you folks that are coming in at episode 1 a heads up. So here we are. We're Ian and Dave and we're Apex Adjacent. We were/are TeamClearCoat for four years, but we're Apex Adjacent now. We love you. Here's the audio-only version, should that be your thing: (no, we haven't updated our file server yet...)

The TeamClearCoat Podcast - Episode 213 - The Last TeamClearCoat Podcast!!!

But not our last podcast... 213 episodes. A bunch of videos. Kale. Feelings. Aftershows. Remember those? Book club? Bwahahahaha! We tried. Well, one of us did. We've had a million laughs over the last 4 years and made some great memories. That said, we're compelled to align things a bit, and that means moving to a new name for the show. That's right, we're launching the Apex Adjacent Podcast on October 17th. Stay subscribed to this feed and all of our medias social, they'll all stay in place and update with the new name. Thanks for rolling with us as we go through this very laborious process, we absolutely look forward to seeing you on the other side! We love you.

The TeamClearCoat Podcast - Episode 212 - RMDE and Remembering Tanner

Here's the audio-only version if that's your jam: Full title: 212-Ian Preaches The Gospel Of Burnouts, Dave Likes A BMW, And We Continue Our Discussion About RMDE 2019 Description: In this episode Ian once again beams in to the blanket fort for our usual discussion. This time we're treated to envisioning Ian as the prophet that he is, traveling the land and preaching the good word of burnouts to the masses. It's difficult work, but someone has to do it. Lastly, we end the episode on a somber note as we discuss another loss that we've had in the automotive community, our friend Tanner Bell. We met Tanner at a SCCA track night at High Plains Raceway and he was always had a great big smile every time we interacted with him after that. We're really thankful to have shared some time and witnessed your happiness, and we're honored to have met your wife Natalie and your son Jenson. If anyone reading this is able to help, please head over to Natalie and Jenson's GoFundMe page here: RIP Tanner, even though we very briefly knew you, your positive spirit left an impact on us.

The TeamClearCoat Podcast - Episode 211 - Fiat Feelings

Here's the audio-only version of the show, should that be something you seek: Full title: 211-Dave Feels For A Fiat, Ian Turbos Everything, And We Talk Telluride, Kia That Is. Description: We put a lot on our cars, sometimes even more than we put in them. In this case, we talk about Dave's attachment and empathy for the plucky little Fiat 500X in ways that are all too familiar. We also talk about car news! I know, right? Ian brings the new Porsche Taycan and its badge-centric scandal. So weird. So German. Like I said, so weird. Also in this episode, we continue our coverage of our time at RMDE 2019 and talk about how much we enjoyed the 2020 Kia Telluride. Those turn signal cameras, BRILLIANT! We love you.

The TeamClearCoat Podcast - Episode 210 - Bathrobes and BMWs!

Here's the audio-only version of the show, should that be your cup of tea: Despite Dave's best efforts, Ian managed to secure a hotel room for this year's Rocky Mountain Driving Experience with two separate beds, thereby preventing most of the spooning from happening. That doesn't mean we aren't going to have any fun though, so while we're out at RMDE2019 we have a brief episode for you. Talk of Land Rovers ablaze, overshoe-ed cars, and drool-worthy Volvos are the theme here; what's not to love about that? Lastly, Ian and Dave discuss some upcoming changes in our not-often-reoccuring segment, Podcasting About Podcasting. We're going to be changing the name of the podcast soon, and many things still need to be worked out, but we're not going anywhere just yet. We'll keep everyone up to date in subsequent episodes for sure. We love you!